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  • The PTX10016 is supported on Junos OS Evolved Release 21.4R1. See Feature Explorer for the full list of supported features.

    Support for New PTX10016 Router Configurations—In Junos OS Evolved Release 21.4R1, we introduce the following new configurations of the PTX10016 router that support JNP10016-SF3 switch interface board (SIB):

    • PTX10016-BASE3
    • PTX10016-PREM2
    • PTX10016-PREM3

    The new SIB provides higher routing capacity and support for the PTX10K-LC1201-36CD and PTX10K-LC1202-36MR line cards.

    We also introduce a new front door (JNP10016-FRNT-PNL) that supports side EMI deflectors and a new rack mount kit (JNP10004-RMK-4POST).

    To install the PTX10016 router hardware and perform initial software configuration, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting, see PTX10016 Packet Transport Router Hardware Guide. See Feature Explorer for the complete list of features for any platform. See PTX10016 Switch Fabric for more information about the SIBs. See PTX10016 Components and Configurations for more information about the router configurations.

    Table 1: Features Supported on PTX10016 Devices
    Feature Description
    Class of Service (CoS) Support for CoS features includes classifiers (behavior aggregate (BA), fixed, and multifield (MF)) rewrite rules, forwarding classes, loss priorities, transmission scheduling, rate control, and drop-profiles. [See CoS Features and Limitations on PTX Series Routers.]
    Interfaces and Chassis
    • Support for redundant power supply includes environment monitoring. Use the request chassis fpc command to override the default power budget for an FPC line card. The SFBs have a higher priority over the line cards for power allocation.

      [See Managing Power and fpc command (PTX Series).]


    You need a license to use the software features on the PTX10016 devices. [To find out the features supported on this device, see PTX10016 Routers Support for the Juniper Flex Program . To add, delete, and manage licenses, see Managing Licenses.]

    Services and Applications

    Support for the following functionalities:

  • Express4 ASIC temperature-based performance throttling (PTX Series)—PTX devices have five Express4 ASICs, each capable of operating at 3.2Tbps for a total of 14.4Tbps per line card with various temperature sensors for software monitoring and alarm issuance. If the Express4 ASICs get too hot, the line card shuts down. Reducing the Express4 ASIC performance reduces power consumption and reduces the ASIC shutdown temperature. To avoid a shutdown on the line card, performance throttling is enabled by default. Use the command set chassis fpc slot pfe pfe-id temp-perf-throttle disable to disable performance throttling. show chassis fpc slot pfe-instance detail displays the real-time status of all the available PFEs and whether the temperature throttle is on. [See fpc, show chassis fpc, and show system errors active.]