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Hierarchy Level


Configure VLAN isolation. For the VLAN isolation configuration to take effect, you must configure the set chassis network-slices vlan-isolation CLI configuration statement on all the Routing Engines of the BSYS and GNFs, and then reboot the router.

On an MX without Junos Node Slicing enabled, all control traffic between the Routing Engine and the FPCs, as well as between the Routing Engines themselves, occur over an internal network. This network includes both the Routing Engines and all the FPCs. When you configure Junos node slicing, this internal network is shared by all the guest network function (GNF) Routing Engine pairs and their respective set of FPCs. The internal network has sufficient bandwidth to accommodate this traffic without additional configuration. However, if you want to isolate the internal traffic of each GNF from all others, use the set chassis network-slices vlan-isolation CLI configuration statement. This configuration assigns a separate internal VLAN for each GNF, resulting in all control traffic within each GNF being VLAN tagged and isolated from those of other GNFs.

  • VLAN isolation is disabled by default.

  • If you want to configure the sub line card feature, you must ensure that VLAN isolation is disabled. To disable VLAN isolation, delete the set chassis network-slices vlan-isolation configuration statement. See also: Sub Line Card Overview.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 21.2R1.