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Content Security on NFX Devices

The Content Security solution consolidates several security features to protect against multiple threat types. The Content Security solution for NFX devices consists of the following security features:

  • Antispam—Examines e-mail messages to identify spam. When the device detects an e-mail spam, it drops the message or tags the message header or subject field with a preprogrammed string. For more information, see Antispam Filtering Overview.

  • Antivirus—Offers a less CPU-intensive alternative to the full file-based antivirus feature. Sophos uses a scanning engine and virus signature databases to protect against virus-infected files, worms, trojans, spyware, and other malware over POP3, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, and FTP protocols. The virus pattern and malware database is located on external servers maintained by Sophos (Sophos Extensible List) servers. For more information, see Sophos Antivirus Protection on NFX Devices (OBSOLETE).

  • Content filtering—Blocks or permits certain types of traffic based on the MIME type, file extension, protocol command, and embedded object type. For more information, see Content Filtering.

  • Web filtering—Allows you to manage Internet usage by preventing access to inappropriate Web content. The Web filtering solution consists of the following types:

    • Redirect web filtering

    • Local web filtering

    • Enhanced Web filtering

    For more information, see Web Filtering Overview.


Antispam, Sophos antivirus, and enhanced web filtering are licensed features and will not function until you install the respective licenses.