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How to Install Third-Party Software on Devices Running Junos OS Evolved

Third-party software is software that is not part of the normal release cadence for a given target chassis. In the case of Junos OS Evolved, third-party software refers to the following types of software delivered to a node or a cluster of nodes running Junos OS Evolved:

  • Private software developed by customers and partners

  • Software or tools developed by Juniper

Third parties package their software as .tgz files. The package filename contains the component name and its version as well as the architecture and the SDK version. You install the third-party software package on a device running Junos OS Evolved using the request system software add filename command. This command is the same command you use to install different releases of the Junos OS Evolved software on a device. The only difference is that third-party software filenames use the .tgz filename extension, not the .iso filename extension used by the Junos OS Evolved software files.

The procedure is the same as installing software on any device running Junos OS. You back up the current system and you place the software on the device, usually in the /var/tmp directory of the active Routing Engine.

For example, if you have third-party software developed by Acme with the filename acmeMonitor-1.2.3_Wrl_9.0_x86_64.tgz, use the following command to install it on a device running Junos OS Evolved:


You do not need to use the reboot command to install third-party applications on devices running Junos OS Evolved.


For Junos OS Evolved, if you are trying to reinstall an already installed application, use the force option. The force option will cause the program to remove the existing application before reinstalling it.

The program detects third-party components already installed in the current version that collide with new components in acmeMonitor-1.2.3_Wrl_9.0_x86_64.tgz. Without using the force option, a reinstall of a third-party application fails.

Use the show version command to see a list of the current components installed that are not part of the released BOM. The list is tagged as “External Software” and gives the name of each third-party component name and version, as well as the SDK version that was used to create it.

You remove third-party software the same way you remove versions of Junos OS Evolved. For example, to remove the Acme software, use this command:

If you want to delete all third-party software, use the request system software delete all-third-party-packages command.