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Configuring Designated Router Election Priority for IS-IS

This example shows how to configure the designated router election priority for IS-IS.

Before you begin:

  • Configure network interfaces. See the Junos OS Interfaces Configuration Guide for Security Devices.

  • Enable IS-IS on the interfaces. See Example: Configuring IS-IS.

In this example, you configure the priority for logical interface ge-0/0/1.0 to be 100 and the level number to be 1. If this interface has the highest priority value, the router becomes the designated router for the Level 1 area.

To configure a designated router election priority for IS-IS:

  • The default designated router election priority for IS-IS is 64. If you do not configure the priority value for an interface, by default IS-IS assigns the priority 64.
  • The router with the highest priority value is elected as the designated router.