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How to Configure Interface-Style Service Sets for Next Gen Services

To configure an interface service set:

  1. Configure the service set name.
  2. Specify the service interface that the service set uses to apply services.
  3. Specify the service rules that the service set applies to traffic.

    For example:

  4. (Optional) Enable the service set to process unidirectional traffic.
  5. Enable service-processing at routing engine (RE).
  6. Apply the service set to an interface that is passing traffic. You can apply a service filter to apply the service set to only certain traffic on the interface.

    For details about configuring the service-filter, see Guidelines for Configuring Service Filters.

    The input option applies the service set to the input side of the interface, and the output option applies the service set to the output side of the interface. If you are using a bidirectional service rule in the service set, then the same service set must be used for input and output.