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Configuring VRRP for IPv6 (CLI Procedure)

By configuring the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) on EX Series switches, you can enable hosts on a LAN to make use of redundant routing platforms on that LAN without requiring more than the static configuration of a single default route on the hosts. You can configure VRRP for IPv6 on Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and logical interfaces.

To configure VRRP for IPv6:

  1. Configure VRRP group support on interfaces:

    You must explicitly define a virtual link local address for each VRRP for IPv6 group. Otherwise, when you attempt to commit the configuration, the commit request fails. The virtual link local address must be on the same subnet as the physical interface address.

  2. If you want to configure the priority order in which this switch functioning as a backup router becomes the primary router if the primary router becomes nonoperational, configure a priority for this switch:
  3. Specify the interval in milliseconds in which the primary router sends advertisement packets to the members of the VRRP group:
  4. By default, a higher-priority backup router preempts a lower-priority primary router.
    • To explicitly enable the primary router to be preempted:

    • To prohibit a higher-priority backup router from preempting a lower priority primary router: