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Configuring Egress (Local) Replication on a Junos Fusion

By default, egress replication (also called local replication) for multi-destination traffic is disabled, and Junos Fusion uses ingress replication on the access side. When you enable local replication, the feature is activated for all satellite devices that are connected to the aggregation device. You cannot enable local replication for just a few selected satellite devices, specific bridge domains, or specific route prefixes.

To enable local replication on the satellite devices, configure the local-replication statement at the [edit forwarding-options satellite] hierarchy level.

The show multicast summary satellite operational command displays Egress replication: Enabled when this feature is configured.

See Understanding Multicast Replication in a Junos Fusion for an overview of Junos Fusion multicast replication and the limitations to enabling this feature. Some Junos OS protocol and traffic management features are not supported with egress replication, and you should not plan to configure local replication if you want to use those features.