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Understanding Satellite Policies in a Junos Fusion

Satellite Policies Overview

Satellite policies are used in a Junos Fusion to define how certain features are configured for standalone satellite devices within a Junos Fusion. Satellite policies can be used to configure standalone satellite devices or all satellite devices in a satellite device cluster.

Environment monitoring of the satellite devices, uplink failure detection for satellite device uplink ports, and remapping uplinks—with port pinning, uplink selection, and local port mirroring—are configured using satellite policies.

Satellite policies are configured as independent policies on the aggregation device, and then associated with the Junos Fusion configuration.

Understanding Environment Monitoring Satellite Policies

You can configure an environment monitoring satellite policy in a Junos Fusion to configure how a Junos Fusion responds to link-down alarms on satellite devices.

In the environment monitoring satellite policy, you define how you want a link-down alarm from a satellite device to be handled by the Junos Fusion. The Junos Fusion can treat the link-down alarm as a yellow or red alarm, or it can be configured to ignore the alarm.

The environment monitoring policy provides the flexibility to define different alarm handling based on user preference. You can, for instance, assign environment monitoring policies to individual satellite devices based on FPC ID. You can also configure environment monitoring policies based on the product model of the satellite devices, if desired. You can, for instance, specify that all link-down alarms from EX4300 switches acting as satellite devices are treated as yellow alarms, while all link-down alarms from QFX5100 switches acting as satellite devices are treated as red alarms.

Environment monitoring satellite policies are configured using the environment-monitoring-policy statement in the [edit policy-options satellite-policies] hierarchy level.

An environment monitoring policy is applied for a single satellite device in a Junos Fusion using the environment-monitoring-policy statement in the [edit chassis satellite-management] or the [edit chassis satellite-management fpc slot-id] hierarchy levels.

You can configure a different environment monitoring policy for a single satellite device in the fpc slot-id when an environment monitoring policy for all satellite devices is configured. The environment monitoring policy for the FPC is enabled in cases when both an individual and global environment monitoring policy is configured.