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Applying Egress Interface Rewrite Rules to the IEEE 802.1p Field for All Host Outbound Traffic on the Interface in ACX Series

This topic describes how to apply rewrite rules for egress logical interfaces to the IEEE 802.1p field for all host outbound traffic on those interfaces on ACX Series routers.

This task requires separately configured rewrite rules that map packet loss priority information to the code point value in the 802.1p field for data traffic on egress logical interfaces. See Rewriting Packet Header Information Overview in the Junos OS Class of Service Configuration Guide.

To configure the rewrite rules:

  1. Configure the CoS rewrite rules to map the forwarding class to the desired value for the 802.1p field.

  2. Associate the rewrite rules to the desired egress logical interfaces.

  3. (Optional) Configure the forwarding class for host outbound traffic. Do not configure this forwarding class if you want to use the default forwarding class assignment (input classification).

To configure the rewrite rules to apply to the host outbound traffic IEEE 802.1p field:

  • Configure the rewrite rules.