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Configuring the IEEE 802.1p Field for CoS Host Outbound Traffic in ACX Series

This topic provides a summary of the configuration for setting the IEEE 802.1p field in the Ethernet frame header for host outbound traffic (control plane traffic). You can set a global value for the priority code point that applies to all host outbound traffic. Additionally, or alternatively, you can specify that rewrite rules are applied to all host outbound traffic on egress logical interfaces. These are rules that have been previously configured to set the IEEE 802.1p field for data traffic on those interfaces.

To configure the IEEE 802.1p field settings:

  1. (Optional) Specify a global default value for the IEEE 802.1p field for all host outbound traffic.
  2. (Optional) Specify that the IEEE 802.1p rewrite rules for the egress logical interfaces are applied to all host outbound traffic on those interfaces.