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Configuring an Interface Set of Subscribers in a Dynamic Profile

Interface sets enable you to provide hierarchical scheduling to a group of subscriber interfaces.

Before you begin, configure the subscriber interfaces that you intend to include in the interface set.

To configure an interface set of subscriber interfaces:

  1. Configure the interface set in the dynamic profile.

    Replacing the interface-set-name variable with the $junos-interface-set-name, $junos-svlan-interface-set-name, or $junos-tagged-vlan-interface-set-name predefined variable. The interface set is created dynamically when the subscriber logs in.

  2. Include the interfaces within the dynamic interface-set.
  3. Apply traffic shaping and queuing parameters to the interface set.

    You must configure the interface set in the static [edit class-of-service] hierarchy, not in the [edit dynamic-profiles] hierarchy.