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CoS for Aggregated Ethernet Subscriber Interfaces Overview

You can apply static or dynamic hierarchical CoS to a scheduler node at the aggregated Ethernet logical interface, its underlying physical interface, or an interface set.

When you configure CoS for aggregated Ethernet interfaces, consider the following guidelines:

  • Configure the aggregated Ethernet logical interface over two physical interfaces capable of performing hierarchical scheduling.

  • For VLAN subscriber interfaces over aggregated Ethernet, you must enable link protection on the aggregated Ethernet interface for hierarchical CoS to operate.

  • Link protection is not required for IP or demux subscriber interfaces over aggregated Ethernet. We recommend that you enable targeted distribution on the demux interface to provide accurate hierarchical scheduling for these links.

  • Keep the following guidelines in mind when configuring interface sets of aggregated Ethernet interfaces:

    • Sets of aggregated Ethernet interfaces are supported on MPC/MIC interfaces on MX Series routers only.

    • The supported logical interfaces for aggregated Ethernet in an interface set include VLAN demux interfaces, IP demux interfaces, and PPPoE logical interfaces over VLAN demux interfaces.

    • The link membership list and scheduler mode of the interface set are inherited from the underlying aggregated Ethernet interface over which the interface set is configured.

    • When an aggregated Ethernet interface operates in link protection mode, or if the scheduler mode is configured to replicate member links, the scheduling parameters of the interface set are copied to each of the member links.

    • If the scheduler mode of the aggregated Ethernet interface is set to scale member links, the scheduling parameters are scaled based on the number of active member links and applied to each of the aggregated interface member links.

Best Practice:

While subscribers are active on aggregated Ethernet physical interfaces with targeted distribution, we recommend that you do not change any attribute of the physical interfaces, such as MTU. Instead, perform the following steps:

  1. Log out all the subscribers.

  2. Disable the interface.

  3. Make the desired attribute changes.

  4. Reenable the interface.

If you do not follow these steps, the attribute change brings down the physical interface and all subscribers using that interface.

To avoid service interruptions, we recommend that you make the changes during a maintenance window.