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Hierarchy Level


Set various global or per-routing-instance options in an EVPN-VXLAN fabric.


gbp ingress-enforcement

Configure Group Based Policy (GBP) policy enforcement at the ingress node.

gbp tag-only-policy

Allow only GBP source and destination tags as matches in GBP policy.

Configuring the IPv4 and IPv6 L4 filters can reduce the supported GBP scale. These matches are supported by default. However, on the EX4650 series, QFX5120-32C, and QFX5120-48Y switches, you can use this option to allow only GBP source and destination tags as matches in GBP policy.


The Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) restarts when you set or delete this option.

host-originated-packets gbp-src-tag gbp-src-tag

Insert the specified GBP source tag in all host originated packets.

Range for gbp-src-tag: 1 through 65535.

reroute-address (inet address | inet6 address)

Enable fast reroute egress link protection (ELP) on provider edge (PE) devices for access links to multihomed customer edge (CE) devices in an EVPN-VXLAN fabric. With this statement, you also specify the IPv4 or IPv6 device reroute address, which is a secondary loopback address you configure as the fast reroute ELP tunnel source VTEP address for an Ethernet segment.

This feature helps to minimize load-balanced traffic loss when the link from a PE device to a multihomed CE device goes down.

shared-tunnels Create shared VXLAN tunnel endpoint (VTEP) tunnels to EVPN provider edge (PE) devices to save VTEP resources.

When you configure the shared-tunnels option, you must reboot the device for the setting to take effect.

vxlan-trans-vni-enable Enable translated VXLAN network identifiers (VNIs) with Data Center Interconnect (DCI).

We require this option on QFX5120 switches when you configure EVPN-VXLAN stitching with EVPN Type 2 routes in DCI topologies.

The PFE restarts when you set or delete this option.

The remaining statements are explained separately. Search for a statement in CLI Explorer or click a linked statement in the Syntax section for details.


Not enabled

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 22.4R1 for supported EX4100, EX4400, EX4650, and QFX5120 Series switches.

tag-only-policy option introduced in 23.2R1 for the QFX5120-48YM, QFX5120-48Y, and EX4650-48Y Series switches.

reroute-address option introduced in Junos OS 21.3R1 for the QFX5110 and QFX5120 Series swtiches.

shared-tunnels option introduced in Junos OS 20.3R1.

vxlan-trans-vni-enable option introduced in Junos OS 23.2R1 for QFX5120 switches.