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Hierarchy Level


Specify backup paths for MPLS fast reroute (FRR) on an egress peer, which has traffic engineering enabled. Egress peer engineering directs core service traffic such as MPLS RSVP to a specific egress BGP peer. The ingress BGP peer can traffic-engineer the core inet unicast and inet6 unicast service traffic using BGP labeled unicast towards a specific egress BGP peer, which is also the AS boundary router.

Specify a backup path through another directly connected external BGP peer. The configured backup path provides MPLS fast reroute when the primary link fails, and the AS boundary router redirects the traffic received from the core to the this backup path. You can configure more than one backup path on the egress BGP peer. The specified backup paths are automatically installed into the MPLS forwarding table of the egress BGP peer configured with the egress traffic engineering feature.


template path-name

Define a template that can be reused by multiple BGP groups or peers. All addresses listed in one template must belong to the same IP address family as the protected device that is the egress BGP peer.

ip-forward rti-name

(Optional) Configure this option if you want the egress peer to perform an IP look up in the inet6.0 table for backup path that egress BGP peer must use for faster reroute You can optionally specify a routing instance. If you do not specify a routing instance, the device configures the backup path for the master instance.

You cannot use this option with the remote-nexthop option.


ip-forward option might cause forwarding loops if the IP route chooses an internal path. To avoid forwarding loops configure a virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instance with leaked external routes only, and use this VRF instance with the ip-forward option.

peer peer-addr

(Optional) Specify another directly connected external BGP peer that the device must use for faster reroute when the primary link fails. Each template can specify one or more external BGP peers.

remote-nexthop remote-nh-addr

(Optional) Specify a remote next-hop address if transit peering is not available locally to tunnel traffic to another AS boundary router in the local AS that has transit connectivity. The specified remote next-hop address must have the ability to forward this redirected traffic to its destination. This option does not support multiple routing instances; therefore, do not use this option with the ip-forward option.

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 14.2 R4.