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Hierarchy Level


Customize the commit options for configuration updates made through an event policy. The check statement and the other commit-options statements are mutually exclusive.


check <synchronize>

Verify that the candidate configuration is syntactically correct, but do not commit the changes. On dual control plane systems, when the check synchronize statement is configured, the candidate configuration on one control plane is copied to the other control plane, and the system verifies that both candidate configurations are syntactically correct. The check statement and the other commit-options statements are mutually exclusive.


Force the commit on the other Routing Engine, ignoring any warnings. By default, the synchronize command does not work if the responding Routing Engine has uncommitted configuration changes. However, you can enforce commit synchronization on the Routing Engines by using the force option.

log "comment-string"

Include a comment describing changes to the committed configuration. Enclose the comment in quotation marks and include it on a single line. To view commit comments, issue the show system commit operational mode command.


Synchronize the commit on both Routing Engines. The Routing Engine on which you execute this command copies and loads its candidate configuration to the other Routing Engine. Both Routing Engines perform a syntax check on the candidate configuration file. If no errors are found, the configuration is activated and becomes the current operational configuration on both Routing Engines.

Required Privilege Level

maintenance—To view or add this statement in the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 12.1.