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Hierarchy Level


Enable Auto Discovery VPN (ADVPN) protocol on the specified gateway. ADVPN dynamically establishes VPN tunnels between spokes to avoid routing traffic through the Hub. When you enable ADVPN, by default, the Junos OS enables both the suggester and partner roles on the device. You cannot use the same device with both the functions together. To use a specific role, you must explicitly disable the other.



VPN peer that can initiate a shortcut exchange to allow shortcut partners to establish dynamic security associations (SAs) with each other. Specify disable to disable this role on the gateway.

Both suggester and partner roles are enabled if advpn is configured without explicitly configuring suggester or partner keywords. We do not support suggester and partner roles on the same gateway. You must explicitly configure disable with the suggester or partner keyword to disable that particular role. You cannot disable both suggester and partner roles on the same gateway.


VPN peer that can receive a shortcut exchange suggesting that it should establish dynamic SAs with another peer. Specify disable to disable this role on the gateway.

The following options can be configured for the partner role:


Maximum number of shortcut tunnels that can be created with different shortcut partners using a particular gateway. The maximum number, which is also the default, is platform-dependent.

Reducing the configured connection-limit value causes all active shortcut tunnels to be brought down. For example, if connection-limit is configured as 100 and you later reconfigure the number to 80, all active shortcut tunnels are brought down. Increasing the configured connection-limit value does not cause shortcut tunnels to go down.


Rate, in packets per second, below which the shortcut is brought down.

  • Range: 3 through 5,000 packets per second.

  • Default: 5 packets per second.


Duration, in seconds, after which the shortcut is deleted if the traffic remains below the idle-threshold value.

  • Range: 60 seconds through 86,400 seconds.

  • Default: 300 seconds.

Required Privilege Level

security—To view this statement in the configuration.

security-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 12.3X48-D10. The range for the idle-threshold option and the range and default value for the idle-time option revised in Junos OS Release 12.3X48-D20.

Support for ADVPN with the iked process is added in Junos OS Release 23.4R1.