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show pfe data



Displays the Packet Forwarding Engine data. The Packet Forwarding Engine is the central processing element of the forwarding plane, systematically moving the packets in and out of the device. In Junos OS, the Packet Forwarding Engine has a locally stored forwarding table.

The forwarding table is a synchronized copy of all the information from the Route Engine that the forwarding plane needs to handle each packet, including outgoing interfaces, addresses, and so on. Storing a local copy of this information allows the Packet Forwarding Engine to get its job done without going to the control plane every time that it needs to process a packet.

The locally stored forwarding table allows the Packet Forwarding Engine to continue forwarding packets, even when a disruption occurs to the control plane, such as when a routing or other process issue happens.


”usp flow config”

Displays current flow configuration in logical system root-logical-system.

”usp flow stats”

Displays current flow statistics.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show pfe data command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show pfe data Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Flow main Parameters

Information about flow main parameters:

  • allow-dns-reply—Displays whether allow-dns-reply is enabled or disabled.

  • allow-embedded-icmp—Displays whether allow-embedded-icmp is enabled or disabled.

  • mcast-buffer-enhance—Displays whether mcast-buffer-enhance is enabled or disabled.

  • allow-reverse-ecmp—Displays whether allow-reverse-ecmp is enabled or disabled.

  • no-local-favor-ecmp—Displays whether no-local-favor-ecmp is enabled or disabled.

  • Reordering-mixed-traffic—Displays whether Reordering-mixed-traffic is enabled or disabled.

  • Route-change-timeout—Displays the route change timeout value.

  • NH-resolve-timeout—Displays next-hop resolve timeout value.

  • Mcast-nh-resolve-retry—Displays multicast next-hop resolve value.

  • Pending-sess-queue-length—Displays the pending session queue length.

  • Syn-flood-protection tcp-syn-cookie—Displays the synchronizing flood protection TCP synchronizing cookies.

  • Syn-flood-dynamic-whitelist-time—Displays the syncronizing floow dynamic allowlist time.

  • no-inter-node-forwarding—Displays whether no-inter-node-forwarding is enabled or disabled.

  • no-inter-node-forwarding-ipv6—Displays whether no-inter-node-forwarding-ipv6 is enabled or disabled.

  • enable-reroute-nat-check—Displays whether enable-reroute-nat-check is enabled or disabled.

  • force_ip_reassembly—Displays whether force_ip_reassembly is enabled or disabled.

  • fragment_limit—Displays the fragment limit.

  • frag_reassembly_timeout—Displays the fragment reassembly timeout value.

  • sync_icmp_session—Displays whether sync_icmp_session is enabled or disabled.

  • log dropped-icmp-packet—Displays whether log dropped-icmp-packet is enabled or disabled.

  • log dropped-illegal-packet—Displays whether log dropped-illegal-packet is enabled or disabled.

  • preserve incoming frag size—Displays whether preserve incoming fragment size is enabled or disabled.

  • log-extension—Displays whether log-extension is enabled or disabled.

  • advanced options drop_match_reserved_ip_address—Displays whether advanced options drop_match_reserved_ip_address is enabled or disabled.

  • advanced options drop_link_local_address—Displays whether advanced options drop_link_local_address is enabled or disabled.

  • advanced options reverse route packet mode vr option—Displays whether advanced options reverse route packet mode vr option is enabled or disabled.

  • advanced options close icmp session immediately—Displays whether advanced options close Internet Control Message Protocol session immediately is enabled or disabled.

  • load-distribution session-affinity ipsec—Displays whether load-distribution session-affinity ipsec is enabled or disabled.

Aging Parameters

Information about aging parameters:

  • early-ageout—Displays the number of early ageout.

  • low-watermark—Displays the low watermark value.

  • high-watermark—Displays the high watermark value.

TCP MSS Parameters

Information about TCP MSS Parameters:

  • all-tcp-mss—Displays whether all-tcp-mss is enabled or disabled.

  • ipsec-vpn-tcp-mss—Displays whether ipsec-vpn-tcp-mss is enabled or disabled.

  • gre-in-tcp-mss—Displays whether gre-in-tcp-mss is enabled or disabled.

  • gre-out-tcp-mss—Displays whether gre-out-tcp-mss is enabled or disabled.

TCP Session Parameters

Information about TCP Session Parameters:

  • rst-invalid-session—Displays whether rst-invalid-session is enabled or disabled.

  • fin-invalid-session—Displays whether fin-invalid-session is enabled or disabled.

  • rst-check-sequence—Displays whether rst-check-sequence is enabled or disabled.

  • syn-check—Displays whether syn-check is enabled or disabled.

  • syn-check-in-tunnel—Displays whether syn-check-in-tunnel is enabled or disabled.

  • sequence-check—Displays whether sequence-check is enabled or disabled.

  • strict-syn-check—Displays whether strict-syn-check is enabled or disabled.

  • tcp-initial-timeout—Displays TCP initial timeout value.

  • maximum-scale-window—Displays the value of maximum scale window.

  • time-wait-state-session-timeout—Displays the wait time state and session timeout value.

Flow traceoptions

Information about flow traceoptions:

  • trace flags—Trace the flag option.

  • trace level—Trace level of the trace message.

  • trace present—Trace the present option.

  • trace dst id—Trace the specified destination ID.

  • trace module buffer—Trace the module buffer value.

Flow Modes

Information about flow modes:

  • Flow mode for inet—Flow mode packets to an IPv4 destination. Displays configuration and running mode.

  • Flow mode for inet6—Displays the IPv6 flow mode informations such as the running mode, configuration mode, and the status of IPv6 security knob.

  • Flow mode for mpls—Flow mode packets to MPLS. Displays configuration and running mode.

  • Flow mode for iso—Flow mode to ISO. Displays configuration and running mode.

Flow action flag

Information about the flow action flag.

Session distribution

  • Config mode—Displays configuration mode.

  • Running mode—Displays running mode.

  • GTP-U distribution—Displays whether the GTP-U distribution is enabled or disabled.

Ipsec performance acceleration

Accelerate the IPSec traffic performance. Displays whether IPSec performance acceleration is enabled or disabled.

Packet ordering

Information about packet ordering:

  • Config mode—Displays configuration mode.

  • Running mode—Displays running mode.

Hash Bucket Size

Information about hash bucket size:

  • Ipv4—Display Packet Forwarding Engine IPv4 routes.

  • Ipv6—Display Packet Forwarding Engine IPv6 routes.

  • Flow packet log enable—Displays flow packet log enable.

  • Flow packet log index—Displays flow packet log index.

  • Flow packet log throttle-interval—Displays flow packet log throttle-interval.

  • Flow tap mode—Displays whether flow tap mode is enabled or disabled.

  • Flow power mode IPsec—Displays whether flow power mode IPsec is enabled or disabled.

  • Fat core group global switch—Displays whether fat core group global switch is on or off.

  • Fat core group size—Displays the fat core group size.

Ager Ring Statistics

Information about the ager ring statistics:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Common Ager Ring—Displays whether batching is enabled or disabled.

  • current tick—Displays the current session timeout value.

  • insert—Displays the insert value.

  • update—Displays the update value.

  • callback invoked—Displays the callback invoked value.

  • remove—Displays the remove value.

  • update skipped—Displays the skipped update value.

  • max watchdog time—Displays maximum watchdog time.

  • timeout value larger—Displays larger timeout value.

  • ager update—Displays update ager value.

Session Scan stats

Information about session scan statistics:

  • Requests recvd—Displays the number of requests received.

  • Requests Processing Done—Displays the number of processing requests completed.

  • Request Done Time—Displays the number of requests done time.

  • Skip session scan—Displays the number of skip session scan.

  • Total sessions scanned—Displays the total number of sessions scanned.

  • Batched (active sess limit)—Displays the number of active sessions limit.

  • Pending Que added—Displays the number of pending queue added.

  • Pending Que add fail—Displays the number of pending queue add failures.

  • Response Done—Displays the number of response completed.

  • Response Failed—Displays the number of responses failed.

  • Response Done Time—Displays the response time completed.

  • Scan Handler Invoked—Displays the number of scan handler invoked.

  • PendQ Handler Invoked—Displays the number of pending handler invoked.

  • Session scan running time—Displays the timer of session scan running.

  • Session scan handler yield—Displays the number of session scan handler yield.

  • Scan post even failed—Displays the number of scan post even failed.

Flow Session Statistics

Information about flow session statistics:

  • Current flows—Displays the number of current flows.

  • IPv4 flow alloc—Displays the number of IPv4 flow allocation.

  • IPv4 flow free—Displays the number of IPv4 flow free.

  • IPv4 flow alloc failure—Displays the number of IPv4 flow allocation failures.

  • IPv4 flow route skip—Displays the number of IPv4 flow route skipped.

  • IPv4 flow fast reroute—Displays the number of IPv4 flow fast reroute.

  • IPv4 flow tunnel route skip—Displays the number of IPv4 flow tunnel route skipped.

  • ager phase1—Displays the number of ager phase1.

  • ager phase2—Displays the number of ager phase2.

  • cp sess del rexmitted—Displays the cp session delete rexmitted.

Flow Table Statistics

Information about the flow table statistics:

  • flow add—Displays number of flow add entries.

  • flow remove—Displays number of flow delete entries.

  • flow find—Displays number of flow find entries.

Sample Output

show pfe data "usp flow config"

Sample Output

show pfe data "usp flow stats"

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 18.2R3-S3.

Starting in Junos OS Release 18.2R3-S3, 19.1R3, 19.2R3, 19.3R3, 19.4R2, 20.1R2, you can now view the Packet Forwarding Engine data using the usp flow config and usp flow stats options for the show pfe data command.