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show evpn oism



Display information about optimized intersubnet multicast (OISM) elements configured on the devices in an EVPN-VXLAN fabric.



(Optional) Display more detailed output. Without this option, the command displays brief output by default.

l3-context l3-vrf-name

(Optional) Display information only for the specified Layer 3 virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) routing instance.

Without this option, this command displays information for all Layer 3 VRF routing instances where you enabled OISM.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1: show evpn oism Output Fields

Field Name and Output Level

Field Description

L3 context (default) or EVPN L3 context (extensive)

VRF routing instance name.

SBD (default) or OISM SBD interface (extensive)

IRB interface of the supplemental bridge domain (SBD) that you configure in the corresponding VRF routing instance when you enable OISM.

If you don't enable OISM in the VRF routing instance, this command displays (null) in this field.

PEG-DF-ELECTION (default) or PEG DF Election (extensive)

PIM EVPN gateway (PEG) device designated forwarder (DF) election method enabled for the L3 context.

By default, peer OISM border leaf devices configured as PEG devices use native PIM DF election. You can enable OISM PEG DF election instead to customize the DF election method the PEG devices use. To do this, configure the peg-df-election statement at the [edit <routing-instances name> protocols evpn oism pim-evpn-gateway] hierarchy level.

PEG DF Algorithm (extensive)

PEG DF election method configured for the L3 context:

  • MOD—Mod-based DF election

  • PREFERENCE—Preference-based DF election

OISM Mode (extensive)

OISM operating mode:

  • Regular OISM—Version of OISM that requires you to configure all revenue VLANS (bridge domains) symmetrically on all OISM leaf devices in the fabric.

  • Enhanced OISM—Version of OISM where on each leaf device you can save resources on the device by configuring only the revenue VLANs (bridge domains) hosted by that device.

Sample Output

show evpn oism

show evpn oism l3-context extensive

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 21.2R1.

PEG DF election output added in Junos OS Release 23.4R1 and Junos OS Evolved 23.4R1.

OISM mode output added in Junos OS Release 23.4R1 and Junos OS Evolved 23.4R1.