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show evpn oism peg-df-status



Display information about the designated forwarder (DF) status of PIM Ethernet VPN (EVPN) gateway (PEG) devices in an EVPN-VXLAN network running optimized intersubnet multicast (OISM).


none (default output)

Display summary output for all Layer 3 (L3) virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instances and Layer 2 (L2) domains.


Display more extensive output.

l2-domain-id domain-id

Display output for the specified L2 domain identifier, which in this case is a VXLAN virtual network identifier (VNI).

l3-context l3-vrf-name

Display output for the specified L3 VRF instance.

logical-system (name | all)

Display output for the specified logical system or all logical systems.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1: show evpn oism peg-df-status Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Level of Output

EVPN L3 context

L3 VRF instance name.


VN Identifier

VNI (L2 domain identifier).


IPv4 Multicast DF Status

DF status for the VNI:

  • DF: Elected designated forwarder.

  • nDF: Not elected the designated forwarder.


DF Address

IP address of the elected DF for the VNI.


DF Candidates List

DF candidates for DF election for the VNI. The list includes the ordinal number in the candidates list and the IP address of each DF candidate.


PIM Update TS

Timestamp of most recent PIM DF update for the VNI .


The device communicates elected PEG DF information to the PIM protocol, which builds the multicast routes, even when the device is using PEG DF election rather than native PIM DF election.


DF Compute TS

Timestamp of most recent PEG DF election computation for the VNI.


History db

History listing of event information related to the DF candidates and the DF election for the VNI.

You can set the number of DF election history database entries you want the device to maintain per VNI using the peg-df-election-history statement at the [edit protocols evpnevpn] hierarchy level.


Sample Output

show evpn oism peg-df-status

show evpn oism peg-df-status extensive

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS 23.4R1 and Junos OS Evolved 23.4R1.