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request wlan access-point packet capture



Capture the packets for the interfaces on wireless LAN interface Mini-PIM and to check whether the packets are received from Wi-Fi interface and sent to JUNOS. In chassis cluster mode, packet capture command is supported only on active wireless LAN interface.


  • start access-point name—Access point name to start the packet capture.

    • duration—Specify the capture duration. Range: 10 through 3600 seconds

    • filename—Specify the captured filename.

    • filter-mac—Specify the MAC address of the interface.

    • interface—Specify the name of the interface.

    • promiscuous—Enable the promiscuous mode.

    • size—Specify the maximum file size. Range: 64 through 4096 kilobytes.

  • stop access-point name—Stop the packet capture.

Required Privilege Level


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Sample Output

request wlan access-point packet capture

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS release 20.3R1.