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request virtual-chassis vc-port set (MX Series Virtual Chassis)



Create (set) a Virtual Chassis port on an MX Series router through which the router connects to other member routers in the Virtual Chassis. You can create Virtual Chassis ports only on Modular Port Concentrator/Modular Interface Card (MPC/MIC) network ports on MX Series routers.

After a Virtual Chassis port is created, it is renamed vcp-slot/pic/port, and is no longer available for configuration as a standard network port. Virtual Chassis ports can be used only to interconnect the MX Series routers in the Virtual Chassis.


If the member ID has not been set on the router where you issue the request virtual-chassis vc-port set command, the software prevents the creation of the Virtual Chassis port on the router. To set the member ID, use the request virtual-chassis member-id set command.


fpc-slot fpc-slot-number

Number of the Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) slot on which the Virtual Chassis port resides. The slot number corresponds to the Modular Port Concentrator (MPC) slot number. Replace fpc-slot-number with a value appropriate for your router:

  • MX960 router—0 through 11.

  • MX480 router—0 through 5.

  • MX240 router—0 through 2.

When you issue the show interfaces command on a member router in an MX Series Virtual Chassis, the FPC slot number displayed in the command output reflects the FPC slot numbering and offset used in the Virtual Chassis instead of the physical slot number where the FPC is actually installed. The router with member ID 0 in the Virtual Chassis uses FPC slot numbers 0 through 11 with no offset, and the router with member ID 1 uses FPC slot numbers 12 through 23, with an offset of 12. For example, a 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface that appears as xe-14/2/2 (FPC slot 14, PIC slot 2, port 2) in the show interfaces command is actually interface xe-2/2/2 (FPC slot 2, PIC slot 2, port 2) on member ID 1 after deducting the FPC slot numbering offset of 12 for member ID 1.

pic-slot pic-slot-number

Number of the PIC slot on which the Virtual Chassis port resides. Replace pic-slot-number with a value in the range 0 through 3.

port port-number

Number of the port on the PIC on which the Virtual Chassis port resides. Replace port-number with a value appropriate for your PIC.


(Optional) Set the Virtual Chassis port on the member router on which you are issuing the command. This is the default behavior if you do not specify the local or member options.

member member-id

(Optional) Numeric value that identifies the remote Virtual Chassis member on which you want to create the Virtual Chassis port. Replace member-id with the value 0 or 1.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request virtual-chassis vc-port set (No Existing Network Port)

request virtual-chassis vc-port set (Existing Network Port Converted)

request virtual-chassis vc-port set (On Local Router)

request virtual-chassis vc-port set (On Remote Member Router 1)

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 11.2.