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Obsolete: Configuring a Bridge Domain on ACX Series Routers

A bridge domain must include a set of logical interfaces that participate in Layer 2 learning and forwarding.

To configure a bridge domain, include the following statements:


The Layer 2 CLI configurations and show commands for ACX5048 and ACX5096 routers differ compared to other ACX Series routers. For more information, see Layer 2 Next Generation Mode for ACX Series.

You cannot use the slash (/) character in bridge domain names. If you do, the configuration does not commit and an error is generated.

For the vlan-id statement, you can specify either a valid VLAN identifier or none.

To include one or more logical interfaces in the bridge domain, specify an interface name for an Ethernet interface you configured at the [edit bridge-domains bridge-domain-name] hierarchy level.

To configure a layer 2 logical interface to be included in a bridge domain, you can either include the encapsulation vlan-bridge statement under the logical interface, or the encapsulation ethernet-bridge statement under the physical interface.


A maximum of 1000 logical interfaces can be configured on a physical interface. You can configure a maximum of 3000 bridge domains on an ACX Series router.