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Example: Correlating Events Based on Event Attributes

In the following policy, the two events are correlated only if two of their parameter values match. Matching on attributes of both events ensures that the two events are related. In this case, the interface addresses must match and the physical interface (ifd) names must match.

The RPD_KRT_IFDCHANGE error occurs when the routing protocol process (rpd) sends a request to the kernel to change the state of an interface and the request fails. The RPD_RDISC_NOMULTI error occurs when an interface is configured for router discovery but the interface does not support IP multicast operations as required.

In this example, RPD_RDISC_NOMULTI.interface-name might be so-0/0/0.0, and RPD_KRT_IFDCHANGE.ifd-index might be so-0/0/0.