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Configure the Delay Before Files Are Uploaded by an Event Policy

You can configure an event policy to upload existing system files or to upload the output files generated from an invoked event-script or command at the time an event occurs. A transfer delay allows you to specify the number of seconds the event process (eventd) waits before beginning to upload a file or multiple files. A transfer delay allows you to ensure that a large file, such as a core file, is completely generated before the upload begins.

As described in Example: Defining Destinations for File Archiving by Event Policies, you can associate a transfer delay with a destination. If you associate a transfer delay with a destination, the transfer delay applies to all file upload actions that use the destination.

In the following example, the some-dest destination is common for both event policies, policy1 and policy2. A transfer delay of 2 seconds is associated with the some-dest destination and applies to uploading the output files to the destination for both event policies.

Suppose you have multiple event policy actions that use the same destination. For some of these event policy actions, you want a transfer delay, and for other event policy actions you want no transfer delay. To assign a transfer delay to a single event policy action, include the optional transfer-delay statement for each action:

You can include this statement at the following hierarchy levels:

  • [edit event-options policy policy-name then event-script filename destination destination-name]

  • [edit event-options policy policy-name then execute-commands destination destination-name]

  • [edit event-options policy policy-name then upload filename (filename | committed) destination destination-name]

If you configure a transfer delay at the [edit event-options destinations destination-name] hierarchy level, and you also configure a transfer delay for the event policy action, the resulting transfer delay is the sum of the two: