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Setting a Default DMI Schema

In Junos Space Network Management Platform, a device family always has a default DMI schema associated with it. Typically, when you perform a clean installation of Junos Space Platform, a schema (usually the latest one) is automatically set as the default for each device family. When you perform an upgrade of Junos Space Platform, the default schemas stay the same as the ones before the upgrade.

  • When you create a device template definition, Junos Space Platform uses a default DMI schema for the device family unless you select a schema.

  • The schema that Junos Space Platform uses for a device family depends on the schema versions installed on Junos Space Platform and on the version of the device OS. The criteria that Junos Space Platform uses for picking a schema is as follows:

    • If an exact matching schema is available, then that schema is used irrespective of whether it is the default (for the device family) or not.

      An exact match refers to the case when the schema family and OS version are the same as the device family and the OS version running on the device.

    • If an exact matching schema is not available, the default schema for the device family is used.

      This ensures that even if an exact matching schema is not available, the default schema is used for managed devices belonging to a specific device family.

To set a default DMI schema :

  1. On the Junos Space Platform user interface, select Administration > DMI Schemas.

    The DMI Schemas page appears displaying the available schemas.

  2. Select the schema that you want to set as the default, then from the Actions or shortcut menu, select Set Default Schema.

    The Set Default DMI Schema dialog box appears, displaying the DMI schema name , device family, and OS version.

  3. Click Set Default.

    The schema that you selected is set as the default and you are taken to the DMI Schemas page.

    The State field for the default schema displays default.