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Importing an Operation

You can use Junos Space Network Management Platform to import operations to the Junos Space Platform database from your local file system. The operation that you import must be an XML file (for example, operation-test.xml). Before you import operations, make sure that:

  • The files are in .xml format

  • The objects that are referenced in the operation exist in the Junos Space Platform instance to which you are importing. Else, Junos Space Platform displays an error message and the operation is not imported.

To view the syntax of an operation XML file, you can create and export an operation from Junos Space Platform to your local file system and open the .xml file in an XML editor. For more information about creating and exporting an operation, see Creating an Operation and Exporting an Operation in .tar Format.


If you want to import multiple operations at a time, use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Web browser. Currently, Internet Explorer does not support selection of multiple files. In addition, note that two operations with the same name cannot be imported into the Junos Space server.

To import operations to Junos Space Platform:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Operations.

    The Operations page appears.

  2. Click the Import Operation icon.

    The Import Operations page appears.

  3. Click the Add Operations (+) icon.

    The Add Operations page appears.

  4. Click Browse and select the operation file from your local file system.

    Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to import multiple operations. Currently, using Internet Explorer, you can import only a single file at a time.

  5. Click Add Operations.

    If the selected operation is valid, it is displayed on the Import Operations page. If the selected operation is not valid, you receive a failure notice.

  6. Click Import Operation.

    If the operation of the same name exists in Junos Space Platform, you are asked whether you want to overwrite the existing operation. Click Yes to overwrite; else, click No.

  7. If the operations are imported successfully, Junos Space Platform displays a success message. Click OK on this message.

    However, if the imported operation references an object (script, image, or operation) that is not present in the target Junos Space Platform instance, Junos Space Platform displays an error message and the operation is not imported.

    Sample error message:No operation file(s) are imported. Referenced operation test-operation-1 in Operation test-operation-nested does not exist!