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Exporting an Operation in .tar Format

Junos Space Network Management Platform enables you to export operations from the Junos Space Platform database to your local file system. The export operation enables you to have a local copy of the operations, which you can transfer among multiple Junos Space Platform instances for efficient use and reuse. It also allows you to make configuration changes to the operations, locally (offline). The export operation does not delete the operations that you export from the Junos Space Platform database.

The operations are exported in .tar format. The exported file does not include any objects that are referenced within the operations. For example, if an operation includes an action on an image or a script, exporting the operation does not export the referenced image or script.

To export an operation:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Operations.

    The Operations page appears, displaying the existing operations in Junos Space Platform.

  2. Select the operations to export.
  3. Select Export Operations from the Actions menu.

    The Export Operations page appears indicating that the selected operations will be exported in .tar format.

  4. Click OK on the Export Operations page.

    The File Open dialog box appears and enables you to save the operation files in .tar format and the Export Operations Job Status dialog box displays the status of this task.

  5. Click OK in the File Open dialog box to save the files to your local file system. Alternatively, you can save the .tar file by clicking the Download link in the Export Operations Job Status dialog box. If you want to view the status of the export job, click the progress bar in the Export Operations Job Status dialog box.
  6. Unzip the file to view the contents.

    When you export a nested operation (that is, an operation containing one or more operations), each operation is exported as a separate XML file. For example, when you export a nested operation A containing operation B and operation C, the extracted folder contains three XML files, one for each operation.