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Field Technician UI Overview


The Field Technician User Interface is an experimental feature.

Paragon Automation provides a field technician UI to view the list of devices that you (field technician) can onboard and start the onboarding process. You can access the field technician UI by using any handheld device such as a or a laptop. The UI provides an option to enter the serial number of the device to start the onboarding process. After you enter the serial number, the UI guides you to install pluggables and connect cables to the ports based on instructions entered in the network implementation plan.

If a network implementation plan is present for a device, the device automatically connects with Paragon Automation and provides instructions for inserting cables and pluggables. Paragon Automation also executes compliance and health checks on the device. The compliance checks must be enabled for the device in the plan used to onboard the device.

If an implementation plan does not exist for a device, the field technician UI provides:

  • The outbound SSH commands that you can commit on the device to connect with Paragon Automation.

  • An option to obtain a network implementation plan by assigning the device's serial number to a device in a plan that does not have a serial number and use that network implementation plan. For example, if a device D1 is not associated with any plan, then D1's serial number can be assigned to device D2 associated with a plan P1. D2 does not have a serial number assigned to it in the plan P1.

    See Onboard a Device without a Network Implementation Plan.

Paragon Automation checks for the interface health as you insert the pluggables and connect cables, and flags issues, if any. You can click the Expand icon on each row of the UI pages to view the details of the checks. You can correct the errors and use the Resume Onboarding option to trigger Paragon Automation to resume testing from where the onboarding process paused. Besides testing the interface health, Paragon Automation also checks the health of the management connection and connection with neighbors, health of chassis components (fans, power supply modules (PSM), memory, line cards, and CPU), and runs compliance scans to determine the authenticity, vulnerabilities, and trustworthiness of the device. At the end of the onboarding process, the UI displays the results of all the tests and flags any issues that Paragon Automation has detected.

You must be assigned the Installer role to access the field technician UI. The field technician UI displays the following pages:

  • Onboard a Device for onboarding devices by entering a device's serial number.

  • Device List for viewing the list of onboarded devices and the list of devices that must be onboarded.

See Working with Field Technician UI Pages for more information.