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About the Customer Inventory Page

Paragon Automation allows a service provider to create and manage an inventory of their customers. Customer here refers to a user or an organization that utilizes a service from a service provider. The Customer Inventory page lists customers by name, the service instances provisioned for the customer, customer reference number, and description.

After you enter your customer details in the customer inventory, you can reference the customer name from the inventory when you create a service instance.

To access the Customer Inventory page, click Orchestration > Customers on the navigation menu.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks on the Customer Inventory page:

  • View customer details—The customer table displays the name, reference number and a description of the customer; see Table 1 for details.

  • Add a new customer to the customer inventory; see Add a Customer.

  • Modify or delete customer details from the customer inventory; see Edit and Delete Customers.

  • Note:

    You cannot delete a customer if you have services provisioned for the customer. You must deprovision services before deleting a customer associated with the service.

  • View services provisioned for a customer—To see the services instances you have provisioned for a customer, select the customer and click View Instances under the Service Instances header. You are directed to the Service Instances page that displays the service instances that you provisioned for the customer.

  • Filter the data displayed in the table—Click the filter icon (funnel) and select whether you want to show or hide advanced filters. You can then add or remove filter criteria, save criteria as a filter, apply or clear filters, and so on. The filtered results are displayed on the same page.

  • Search by using keywords—Click the search icon (magnifying glass), enter the search term in the text box, and press Enter. The search results are displayed on the same page.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 lists the fields on the Customer Inventory page.

Table 1: Fields on the Customer Inventory Page




Name of the customer.

Service Instances

Click the View Instances hyperlink to view the service instances provisioned for the customer.

Reference Number

Unique number that you (service provider) assign a customer. This number might be internally referenced from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


Description about the customer.