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May 27, 2024

New Features

This section describes the new features released in Juniper Mist Routing Assurance.

View Aggregated Router Events at the Site Level

Juniper Mist Routing Assurance enables administrators to view aggregated router events at the site level. The site-level router events time-series graph and the site-level router events table provide visualizations of router events that occurred during a specific period. As an administrator, you can use these visualizations to assess and compare router performance across different sites.

Administrators can filter and view router events by site, by router and, by event category.

[See Site-Level Aggregation of Router Events.]

Download Device Configuration

As an administrator, you can download the current configuration of the router in XML format in a TXT file. To download the configuration, click Utilities > Download Device Config on the Router:Router Name page. You can use the TXT file as a back up of the working configuration to:

  • Troubleshoot configuration mismatch issues.

  • Restore the working configuration in the event of failures such as hardware failure and data corruption. You can restore the working configuration from the router's CLI.

[See Download Device Configuration.]

Monitor BGP Sessions

Juniper Mist Routing Assurance enables administrators to monitor BGP sessions by accessing the router's CLI with a single click. The routing testing tools that are available are Show BGP Summary, Show BGP Received Routes and Show BGP Advertised Routes.

As an administrator, you can use the routing testing tools to verify that:

  • BGP is configured correctly on the routers in your network.

  • BGP sessions are properly established.

  • External routes are advertised and received correctly.

  • BGP path selection process is working properly.

To access the routing testing tools, click Utilities > Testing Tools on the Router:Router Name page.

[See Router Utilities.]

Support for ACX7024 and ACX7024X Routers

You can onboard ACX7024 and ACX7024X cloud metro routers to Juniper Mist Routing Assurance. You can monitor the performance of these routers by viewing the insights collected from them.

You onboard a router by logging into the router's CLI and committing the outbound SSH configuration that Juniper Mist Routing Assurance provides. After a router is onboarded and is assigned to a site, you can start monitoring it.

[See Onboard a Router.]