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Modify vApp Properties

You can modify any vLWC network settings that you had configured in the Customize template page during the installation of your vLWC vApp from the vCenter Server.

It is recommended that you prefer the JSI Shell or the Captive Portal web page to modify the network settings, if possible. Changes made to the vApp properties through the vCenter Server will overwrite all existing settings in the vLWC with the property values, and you will have to change all settings to the correct values. Only use this method as a last resort if you are unable to establish connectivity to the management (cap) interface.

To modify the vApp properties from the vCenter Server:
  1. Click Menu > Hosts and Clusters.

    The Hosts and Clusters page opens. This page lists all your data centers and clusters on the left pane including your vLWC vApp.

  2. Select the vLWC vApp in the list of hosts and clusters.
  3. Right-click your vLWC vApp and click Power > Power Off from the Actions menu to power off the vApp.
  4. Once the vApp is powered off, click the Configure tab in the vApp window.
  5. Click Settings > vApp properties from the left-pane.
    A list of all the vApp properties that were configured in step 10 of the vLWC vApp installation process will appear.
  6. Select the vApp property and click Set Value at the top of the list. In the window that appears, enter the new value for the vApp property. Repeat this step for all the required properties.
  7. Once all the properties are updated, right-click your vLWC vApp from the list of hosts and clusters and click Power > Power On.
    The vLWC will reboot with the updated network configuration to ensure that all the changes are applied correctly.