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Configuring Charts

You use configuration options to change the chart type, the object type you want to chart, and the number of objects that are represented on the chart. For time series charts, you can also select a time range and enable time series data capture.

Data can be accumulated so that when you perform a time series search, a cache of data is available to display data for the previous time period. After you enable time series data capture for a selected parameter, an asterisk (*) is displayed next to the parameter in the Value to Graph list box.


Charts are not displayed when you view events or flows in Real Time (streaming) mode. To display charts, you must access the Log Activity or Network Activity tab and perform a grouped search that specifies a time range.

  1. Click the Log Activity or Network Activity tab.
  2. To create a grouped search, follow these steps:
    1. On the toolbar, click Search >New Search.

    2. From the Available Saved Searches, select a search and click Load.

    3. Go to the Column Definition pane and if the Group By list box is empty, from the Available Columns list, select a column.

    4. Click Search.

  3. To use a grouped search, on the toolbar, click Quick Searches and select a grouped search.
  4. In the Charts pane, click the Configure icon ().
  5. Configure the following parameters:



    Value to Graph

    The object type that you want to graph on the Y axis of the chart.

    Options include all normalized and custom event or flow parameters that are included in your search parameters.

    Display Top

    The number of objects that you want to view in the chart. The default is 10. If you include more than 10 items in your chart, your data might be illegible.

    Chart Type

    If your bar, pie, or table chart is based on saved search criteria with a time range of more than 1 hour, you must click Update Details to update the chart and populate the event details.

    Capture Time Series Data

    Enables time series data capture. When you select this check box, the chart begins accumulating data for time series charts. By default, this option is disabled.

    This option is available only on Time Series charts.

    Time Range

    The time range that you want to view.

    This option is only available on Time Series charts.

  6. If you selected the Time Series chart option and enabled the Capture Time Series Data option, in the Charts pane, click Save .
  7. To view the list of events or flows if your time range is greater than 1 hour, click Update Details.