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Time Series Chart Overview

Time series charts are graphical representations of your activity over time.

Peaks and valleys that are displayed in the charts depict high and low volume activity. Time series charts are useful for short-term and long term trending of data.

Using time series charts, you can access, navigate, and investigate log or network activity from various views and perspectives.


You must have the appropriate role permissions to manage and view time series charts.

To display time series charts, you must create and save a search that includes time series and grouping options. You can save up to 100 time series searches.

Default time series saved searches are accessible from the list of available searches on the event or flow search page.

You can easily identify saved time series searches on the Quick Searches menu, because the search name is appended with the time range specified in the search criteria.

If your search parameters match a previously saved search for column definition and grouping options, a time series chart might automatically display for your search results. If a time series chart does not automatically display for your unsaved search criteria, no previously saved search criteria exists to match your search parameters. If this occurs, you must enable time series data capture and save your search criteria.

You can magnify and scan a timeline on a time series chart to investigate activity. The following table provides functions that you can use to view time series charts.

Table 1: Time Series Charts Functions



View data in greater detail

Using the zoom feature, you can investigate smaller time segments of event traffic.

  • Move your mouse pointer over the chart, and then use your mouse wheel to magnify the chart (roll the mouse wheel up).

  • Highlight the area of the chart you want to magnify. When you release your mouse button, the chart displays a smaller time segment. Now you can click and drag the chart to scan the chart.

When you magnify a time series chart, the chart refreshes to display a smaller time segment.

View a larger time span of data

Using the zoom feature, you can investigate larger time segments or return to the maximum time range. You can expand a time range using one of the following options:

  • Click Zoom Reset at the upper left corner of the chart.

  • Move your mouse pointer over the chart, and then use your mouse wheel to expand the view (roll the mouse wheel down).

Scan the chart

When you have magnified a time series chart, you can click and drag the chart to the left or right to scan the timeline.