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Prerequisites for Backing Up and Restoring Data

You must understand how data is backed up, stored, and archived before you back up and restore your data.

Data Backup Location

Data is backed up in the /store/qrm_backups local directory. Your system might include a mount /store/backup from an external SAN or NAS service. External services provide long-term offline retention of data. Long-term storage might be required for compliance regulations, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Appliance Version

The version of the appliance that created the backup in the archive is stored. A backup can be restored only in an JSA Risk Manager appliance if it is the same version.

Data Backup Frequency and Archival Information

Daily data backups are created at 3:00 AM. Only the last five backup files are stored. A backup archive is created if there is enough free space on JSA Risk Manager.

Format Of Backup Files

Use the following format to save backup files:

backup-<target date>-<timestamp>.tgz

Where, <target date> is the date that the backup file was created.

The format of the target date is <day>_<month>_<year>. <timestamp> is the time that the backup file was created.

The format of the time stamp is <hour>_<minute>_<second>.