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Discovering Servers

Use the Assets tab to discover servers on your network.

  1. On the navigation menu (), click Assets to open the Assets tab.
  2. On the Assets navigation menu, click Server Discovery.
  3. From the Server Type list, select the server type that you want to discover.
  4. Select one of the following options to determine the servers you want to discover:
    • To use the currently selected Server Type to search all servers in your deployment, select All.

    • To search servers in your deployment that were assigned to the currently selected Server Type, select Assigned.

    • To search servers in your deployment that are not assigned, select Unassigned.

  5. To edit the standard server port list, click Edit ports.
  6. From the Network list, select the network that you want to search.
  7. Click Discover Servers.
  8. In the Matching Servers table, select the check boxes of all servers you want to assign to the server role.
  9. Click Approve Selected Servers.