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Server Discovery

The Server Discovery function uses the Asset Profile database to discover different server types that are based on port definitions. Then, you can select the servers to add to a server-type building block for rules.

The Server Discovery function is based on server-type building blocks. Ports are used to define the server type. Thus, the server-type building block works as a port-based filter when you search the Asset Profile database.

For more information about building blocks, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Users Guide.

Use the Server Discovery function with JSA Vulnerability Manager to create exception rules for benign vulnerabilities. Reduce the number of vulnerabilities that you see for the following Server Types:

Table 1: Server Type Vulnerabilities

Server Type


FTP Servers

FTP Server Present

DNS Servers

DNS Server is Running

Mail Servers

SMTP Server Detected

Web Servers

Web Service is Running

For more information about false positive vulnerabilities, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Vulnerability Manager User Guide.