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Accessing a GLOBALVIEW Database

Use the JSA REST API documentation interface to get the GLOBALVIEW database results for a given saved search name and time range. The type of data contained in the database results corresponds to the type of saved search queried.

  1. Find a saved search.
    1. On the navigation menu (), click Admin.

    2. In the System Configuration section, click Aggregated Data Management.

    3. Under the Saved Search Name column, record a saved search name from the list.

  2. Query the JSA REST API to find a search ID.
    1. Log in to the JSA API, https://<Console IP>/api_doc, as an administrator.

    2. Click the most recent version of the JSA API.

    3. Click the /ariel/searches endpoint.

    4. Click POST.

    5. In the query_expression parameter field, type the following command: select * from GLOBALVIEW('savedsearch','timerange')

      Use one of the following values for the timerange variable:


      The following example shows query for Top Log Sources with a time range of the last two days:

      select * from GLOBALVIEW('Top Log Sources','DAILY') last 2 days

    6. Click Try It Out!

    7. Copy the search ID from the response body.

  3. Get the search results.
    1. From the /ariel/searches/search{id}/results endpoint, click GET.

    2. In the search_id parameter field, enter the search ID.

    3. Click Try It Out!.

    4. Ensure that the search successfully completes.

    5. Get the database results from the response body.