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Network Interface Management

In addition to the default management interface, you can add extra network interfaces to your JSA appliances to provide alternative network connectivity.

Use extra network interfaces for the following purposes:

  • Provide a dedicated crossover connection between high-availability (HA) peers. You configure a crossover connection during HA setup.

  • Provide a dedicated data collection interface for inbound events or external flow sources. TCP-based data sources must be in the same subnet as the data collection interface.

Use a regular network interface card for:

  • Data collection (logs/flows(NetFlow/s Flow))

  • Web UI

  • Backup/restore (not limited to iSCSI but can be NFS)


WinCollect configurations that are connected to a non-managed port are not supported.

Configuring Network Interfaces

  1. On the navigation menu (), click Admin.

  2. In the System Configuration section, click System and License Management.

  3. From the Display menu, click Systems.

  4. Select the host for which you want to configure network interfaces.

  5. Click Actions >View and Manage System, and click the Network Interfaces tab.

  6. To edit a network interface, follow these steps:

    1. Select the device that you want to edit, and click Edit.

    2. In the Role list, select the role for the device:

      • Choose Regular when the device is used for:

        • Data collection (logs/flows(NetFlow/s Flow))

        • Web UI

        • Backup/restore (not limited to iSCSI but can be NFS)

        This interface must have an IP address. The subnet of the interface cannot be the same subnet used by the management interface.

      • Choose Monitor when the device is a JSA Flow Processor that is used for packet collection. This interface does not require an IP address.

      • Choose Disabled to prevent the device from being used for any network connectivity.

    3. To apply the configuration to the active HA node, click Apply this interface configuration and IP address to the active HA node.

      This option is used only when HA is added to this system.

    4. Click Save.