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Viewing Generated Reports

On the Reports tab, an icon is displayed in the Formats column if a report has generated content. You can click the icon to view the report.

When a report has generated content, the Generated Reports column displays a list box. The list box displays all generated content, which is organized by the time-stamp of the report. The most recent reports are displayed at the top of the list. If a report has no generated content, the None value is displayed in the Generated Reports column.

Icons representing the report format of the generated report are displayed in the Formats column.

Reports can be generated in PDF, HTML, RTF, XML, and XLS formats.


The XML and XLS formats are available only for reports that use a single chart table format (portrait or landscape).

You can view only the reports to which you have been given access from the administrator. Administrative users can access all reports.

If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser and you select the RTF report format, the Mozilla Firefox web browser starts a new browser window. This new window launch is the result of the Mozilla Firefox web browser configuration and does not affect JSA. You can close the window and continue with your JSA session.

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. From the list box in the Generated Reports column, select the time-stamp of report you want to view.
  3. Click the icon for the format you want to view.