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Report Management

You can use the Reports tab to create, edit, distribute, and manage reports.

Detailed, flexible reporting options satisfy your various regulatory standards, such as PCI compliance.

You can create your own custom reports or use a default reports. You can customize and rebrand default reports and distribute these to other users.

The Reports tab might require an extended period of time to refresh if your system includes many reports.


If you are running Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, unavailable font characters might be displayed in the subject line of emailed reports. To resolve this, download and install Service Pack 4 of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5. For more information, contact Microsoft support.

Timezone Considerations

To ensure that the Reports feature uses the correct date and time for reporting data, your session must be synchronized with your timezone.

During the installation and setup of JSA products, the time zone is configured. Check with your administrator to ensure your JSA session is synchronized with your timezone.

Report Tab Permissions

Administrative users can view all reports that are created by other users.

Non-administrative users can view reports that they created only or reports that are shared by other users.

Report Tab Parameters

The Reports tab displays a list of default and custom reports.

From the Reports tab, you can view statistical information about the reports template, perform actions on the report templates, view the generated reports, delete generated content.

If a report does not specify an interval schedule, you must Manually Generating a Report.

You can point your mouse over any report to preview a report summary in a tooltip. The summary specifies the report configuration and the type of content the report generates.