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HP Tandem

You can integrate an HP Tandem device with JSA. An HP Tandem device accepts SafeGuard Audit file events by using a log file protocol source.

A log file protocol source allows JSA to retrieve archived log files from a remote host. The HP Tandem DSM supports the bulk loading of log files by using the log file protocol source.

When you configure your HP Tandem device to use the log file protocol, ensure that the host name or IP address that is configured in the HP Tandem device and in the Remote Host parameter are the same.

The SafeGuard Audit file names use the following format:


The single alphabet character A is followed by a seven-digit decimal integer nnnnnnn, which increments by 1 each time a name is generated in the same audit pool.

You are now ready to configure the log source and protocol in JSA.

  1. From the Log Source Type list, select HP Tandem.
  2. To configure the log file protocol, from the Protocol Configuration list, select Log File.
  3. From the Event Generator list, select HPTANDEM

    Your system must be running the current version of the log file protocol to integrate with an HP Tandem device:

    For more information about HP Tandem, see your vendor documentation.