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Adding or Editing a Flow Source

Use the Flow Source window on the Admin tab to add or edit a flow source.

  1. On the navigation menu (), click Admin.
  2. In the Data Sources section, under Flows, click Flow Sources.
  3. Do one of the following actions:
    • To add a flow source, click Add.

    • To edit a flow source, select the flow source and click Edit.

  4. To create this flow source from an existing flow source, select the Build from existing flow source check box, and select a flow source from the Use as Template list.
  5. Enter the name for the Flow Source Name.

    If the external flow source is also a physical device, use the device name as the flow source name. If the flow source is not a physical device, use a recognizable name.

    For example, if you want to use IPFIX traffic, enter ipf1. If you want to use NetFlow traffic, enter nf1.

  6. Select a flow source from the Flow Source Type list and configure the properties.
    • If you select the Flowlog File option, ensure that you configure the location of the Flowlog file for the Source File Path parameter.

    • If you select the JFlow, Netflow, Packeteer FDR, or sFlow options in the Flow Source Type parameter, ensure that you configure an available port for the Monitoring Port parameter.

      The default port for the first NetFlow flow source that is configured in your network is 2055. For each additional NetFlow flow source, the default port number increments by 1. For example, the default NetFlow flow source for the second NetFlow flow source is 2056.

    • If you select the Network Interface option, for the Flow Interface, configure only one log source for each Ethernet interface.


      You cannot send different flow types to the same port.

  7. If traffic on your network is configured to take alternate paths for inbound and outbound traffic, select the Enable Asymmetric Flows check box.
  8. Click Save.
  9. On the Admin tab menu, click Deploy Changes.