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Upgrading the CTPView Software with a Complete Archive File

This topic describes how to upgrade the CTPView software with a complete archive file.

Before you begin, ensure that you have determined the correct archive file to use for your upgrade. See Upgrading Only the CTPView Software for more information.

To upgrade the CTPView software with a complete archive file:

  1. Access the CTPView software download page at the Juniper Networks Customer Support site at
  2. Locate the update archive file appropriate for your current CTPView server OS and your CTPOS version.
  3. Use a Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) program to copy the complete archive file to the /tmp directory on the server.

    The filename is in the format ctpview_server-os-version_complete_upgrade-version_date.tgz.

  4. Log in to the server and switch to the root account.
  5. Change the directory to/tmp.
  6. Extract the archive by entering tar -xzvf filename.

    This step is not required when the CTPView server is running CTPView 3.4R2–p1 or higher-numbered releases. In these releases, the complete archive is automatically extracted when you run the upgrade script in the next step.

  7. Run the installation script by entering upgrade.
  8. Change the passwords for all the default user accounts (juniper_sa, root, Juniper, ctpview_pgsql) at the end during upgrade process. This step is applicable only when you upgrade the CTPView software to 7.3R7 release.
  9. Configure CTPView administrative settings to complete server setup, and ensure that security settings are correct.
  10. To validate the system configuration, see Validating the CTPView Server Configuration (CTPView).