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Enabling Ports for Layer 2 Bridging

You must enable layer 2 bridging for a port (select its operational mode) before you can configure its layer 2 bridging parameters.

To enable ports for layer 2 bridging:

  1. From the CTP Main menu, select 5) Node Operations menu.
  2. On the Node Operations menu, select 3) Configure network settings.
  3. In the Network Configuration menu, select 11) Config port operational mode (CE/PBS/bridge).
  4. Type Y and press Enter twice.

    A list of available ports is displayed in the Configure Port Operational Mode menu.


    After you have configured port types, you must exit to the top-level CTP Main menu so that the CTP system can reboot and your changes can be applied.

  5. Enter the number of the port you want to change and press Enter.
  6. Choose the port type.

    Although you can set up Routed (PBS), it is not yet supported.

  7. To change more ports, repeat Steps 4-5, or press Enter to finish.
  8. Select 0) Back to Previous Menu until the Reboot warning message appears.