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Configuring Layer 2 Bridging Port Parameters

Before you configure layer 2 bridging port parameters, you must configure the port’s operational mode for serial aggregation. See Enabling Ports for Layer 2 Bridging.

To configure layer 2 bridging port parameters:

  1. From the CTP Main menu, select 5) Node Operations menu.
  2. Select 3) Configure network settings.
  3. In the Network Configuration menu, select 10) Port operations (PBS/bridge).
  4. Type the port you want to configure and press Enter.

    The Operations menu is displayed.

  5. Select 2) Config to configure the port.
  6. Set encapsulation type, interface/VLAN, static destination MAC address, AutoMAC, AutoArp, and Cryto Resync parameters. See Enabling Ports for Layer 2 Bridging for more information.