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About the Display Preferences

To access this page, select Administration > Display Preferences in Administration Portal.

Users with Service Provider (SP) Administrator role can use the Display Preferences page to create multiple themes, set a theme active or inactive, and delete a theme in the Administration Portal. A customized theme enables you to personalize the login page, reports, apply a font style, and set a color palette to the navigation bar and menu. In the Customer Portal, the themes are available in the navigation mode icon on the navigation bar.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Add a new theme — See Add a Theme in Administration Portal.

  • Apply or modify a theme — See Apply or Modify a Theme.

  • Upload a custom font — See Upload a Custom Font.

  • Set a theme for a report. To set a theme for a report, select a theme and click Set Report Theme button.

  • Delete a custom theme. Select a particular theme in the Display Preferences page and click on the delete icon.

    If you want to delete a customized theme that is applied on the portal, make sure to select the default theme before deleting the custom theme.


    The default theme cannot be deleted.

Field Descriptions

Describes the fields on the Display Preferences page.

Table 1: Display Preferences Page Fields




Name of the default and custom themes.

Color Palette

A swatch of the primary color, primary navigation background color, grid (table) action color, and primary button text color.


Typeface chosen in a theme for the GUI.


Displays a boolean status based on whether a theme is default or custom. For default theme, the status shows ’True’ and for custom themes, it shows ’False’.


Displays a boolean status based on whether a theme is set active or not. If the theme is active, the status shows ’True’ and if not, the status shows ’False’.


Displays a boolean status based on whether a particular theme is set as a report theme. A theme set for reports will not be available as an option to be set as an active theme for the portals.

Update Time

Displays the date (in MM/DD/YYYY format) and time (in AM/PM format) of the latest update to a particular theme.