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Apply or Modify a Theme

To apply a theme to your portal, you must first set it active. This operation adds the theme in the navigation mode icon on the navigation bar.

To activate and apply a custom theme:

  1. Click Administration > Display Preferences in the navigation bar.

    The Display Preferences page appears.

  2. Select a particular theme other than the default option.
  3. Click Set Active.

    A message displays that the theme activation is successful. In the navigation mode icon, the theme you added is displayed.

  4. To apply a custom theme to the portals, click on the custom theme in the navigation mode icon.

To modify a customized theme:

  1. Select a particular theme and click on the edit icon.

    The Add New Theme page appears.

  2. Click Save after making necessary changes.

    When a theme is modified, its status automatically changes from Active to Inactive. See the previous procedure to reactivate and apply the theme so that, the changes reflect in the portals.