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Configuring Analytics as a Standalone Solution

Starting with Contrail 4.0, it is possible to configure Contrail Analytics as a standalone solution.

Overview: Contrail Analytics as a Standalone Solution

Starting with Contrail 4.0 (containerized Contrail), Contrail Analytics can be configured as a standalone solution.

The following services are necessary for a standalone solution:

  • config

  • webui

  • analytics

  • analyticsdb

A standalone Contrail Analytics solution consists of the following containers:

  • controller container with only config and webui services enabled

  • analytics container

  • analyticsdb container

Configuration Examples for Standalone

The following are examples of default inventory file configurations for the controller container for standalone Contrail analytics.

Examples: Inventory File Controller Components

The following are example analytics standalone solution inventory file configurations for Contrail controller container components.

Single Node Cluster

Multi-Node Cluster

JSON Configuration Examples

The following are example JSON file configurations for (server.json) for Contrail analytics standalone solution.

Example: JSON Single Node Cluster

Example: JSON Multi-Node Cluster