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Upgrading Contrail 4.0 to 4.1

This section provides the process for upgrading an existing Contrail Release 4.0 system to Contrail Release 4.1.

Upgrade Assumptions

This upgrade procedure assumes the following.

  • The initial cluster (4.0.x) was provisioned using Server Manager.

  • The OpenStack SKU is the same in the “from” and “to” versions.

  • A backup has been made of the analytics database, see Backing Up Contrail Databases Using JSON Format.

Upgrade Procedure

  1. Make a backup of the analytics database, because the upgrade procedure removes the analytics database information, see Backing Up Contrail Databases Using JSON Format.

  2. Add the new Contrail 4.1 Debian image to the Server Manager JSON used for provisioning.

    server-manager add image –f contrail_image.json

  3. Upgrade the cluster by reprovisioning the cluster with the new image.

    • For an all-in-one, single-node demo system:

      server-manager provision—-cluster_id <all_in_one_cluster> combined_image_mainline

    • For a multinode system:

      server-manager provision —-cluster_id <multi_node> combined_image_mainline

  4. Monitor progress of the provisioning by observing cluster status or log entries.

    • Cluster status: server-manager display server --cluster_id <cluster_id> --select "id,ip_address,roles,status"

    • Log entries: /var/log/contrail-server-manager/debug.log


      Log entries from the previous version are lost in the upgrade process.

For more upgrade instructions, see: